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Login to post comments – how to turn it off May 4, 2006

Posted by Paul Rees in blogging, wordpress.

Well I learnt something today about blogging and that's the whole idea of this blog.

Two guys (thank-you) told me that you have to turn off "login to post comments" or you won't get many comments. Makes sense, but how on earth do you turn it off? I spent quite sometime working this out, so just for other newbies who are tearing their hair out with WordPress interface. Here's is where you need to go:

Dashboard > Options > General

Now in the list of items here you will see in bold Membership. The checkbox next to this needs to be unchecked.

Then scroll down the page and click the button Update Options towards the bottom right of the page.

Hope this helps someone.

Oh, and I realise that I probably turned this on myself in error when setting up the blog. I also guess that this could go in the forum, but my blog is about blogging so it belongs here.



1. Madam - May 5, 2006

Well I better test that these instructions are right!

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