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Blogging, so far 1 May 10, 2006

Posted by Paul Rees in apple, blogging, flickr, imac, mac, macintosh, wordpress.

OK, well I think after a week I have largely figured out how to use WordPress. Not an easy learning curve with this one. There are still some things I cant work out (eg how to add a Skype button that works – apparently not possible?) but this is a minor concern. I've mastered the important functions. If only I had something worthwhile to say.

As this is an experiment into blogging I guess that it would be useful to mention what I've learned so far…

  • WordPress is too difficult for the average user. I don't think most will get it. Blogger seems easier, but not easy. If you want to change anything other than the basics you need to know HTML which of course the average user does not.
  • Some consideration needs to be given to who is the "audience" for your blog. I had a chat on Skype with Dave Wallace and he pointed out that for some people just getting what you have to say out there is all some people want, and that makes sense, however what if you do want to reach a wider audience? What if you want to connect with other like mind people, or people with similar interests or concerns? What do you do. On this subject I found this interesting blog How To Become A Successful Blogger by Christopher Salazar. You can read this blog for youself however I'll take up his first point "Think PASSION – not numbers".
  • Passion. I've been playing around with flickr for a few weeks now. I've posted over 100 photos, all snapshots, not art. I posted two photos of some old Macintosh computers that I saw in the window of a secondhand shop. They immediately generated a response with one getting 200 views in a week. I asked myself why, they were only snapshots? I think I tagged the photos with very relevant tags, eg "mac" and "geek" and I also posted them to similar relevant groups. So I think that helped. However my conclusion is that the subject of the photos, the Macs, tapped into the passion about Macs/Apple Computer of the viewers. The photos are here and here.

More later.



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