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Bonjahbango August 6, 2006

Posted by Paul Rees in flickr.


Originally uploaded by The Lab.

Although street performers in Melbourne are common, it’s unusual to see bands. Here are two members of Bonjahbango in Bourke Street.

I don’t usually take this kind of photo, ie people just doing something, and I found it quite challenging.



1. kylie - August 8, 2006

I love this band, they are so good. Really original, good on them for setting up and playing on the street, that takes balls!!

bonjahbango forever

2. Rolf - January 9, 2007

I love them too, it´s such a stoned rolling sound!!! It was so great last june in Melbourne to listen to them on Bourke Street….
Here at home in Hamburg/Germany we also have bands that pIay live in the streets, but here heard a band with that sound !
Music is my best friend !

3. Darren - January 11, 2007

Are these the guys from NZ?? Everyone at work talks about them

4. madam - January 11, 2007

It would appear that they are, see http://bonjahbango.com/bio.html

5. Justin V - February 23, 2007

sounds, pretty interesting. Cool, I’m always looking for new bands. Thanks..

6. Ian Trigg (Rhythm Engineers) UK - April 18, 2007

On a flying visit to Australia (5 days) I caught these guys in a bar in St.Kilda, Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. A friend had seen them busking in the street and suggested we go along and see them. An excellent band, an excellent night!!

7. Stu - May 8, 2007

I saw this band play in St Kilda. What an amzing sound. I can see these guys going very far in the music industry. Imagine their sound blasting through the stereo driving to the beach…

8. Kasteel - August 21, 2007

They most certainly are from NZ, proud and true. Not only amazing band but fantastic people.

9. Ben - November 10, 2007

just saw this band for the first time today in burke street and in ten seconds i was getting there CD and it sounds sweet as. i really hope this band goes far

10. Term 4, Week 7 « Kdawg1’s Weblog - November 23, 2007

[…] omg i liv in the city and i love this band Bonjahbango https://madam.wordpress.com/2006/08/06/bonjahbango/ […]

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