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German Lesson 1.1 May 27, 2007

Posted by Paul Rees in german.

Well I have spent the last 24 hours doing mainly administrative matters relating to this learning experience.

Typing up notes, sticking reminder notes on the wardrobe door and making sure I have all the stationery and stuff needed. Time wasting really. I need to get stuck into actually memorising German.

I did make a useful contact via the Skype forums. I’ve contacted a guy in Germany, Torsten. He’s wanting to emigrate to Australia so is looking for someone to practice English with. We have arrange to speak tomorrow evening. In the meantime I sent him the class notes I typed up yesterday and he has corrected the errors for me and pointed out some relevant slang spoken in Berlin. Fantastic. He’s got the eye for detail I want.

Another contact from elsewhere, Ewald, from Austria has just got Skype working on his PC. He’s a guy that seems to have a flair for languages. He speaks his native German as well as English and is currently learning Dutch. It sounds like it all comes easily to him so I’m hoping that we can not only practice German but maybe he can teach me some tricks necessary to learn another language.


The wardrobe door



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