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Frustration with ü June 13, 2007

Posted by Paul Rees in german.

A major setback. I absolutely don’t know how to pronounce some German. For example last night I tried to say words containing the letter ü. It is impossible. I am thinking that maybe I’m not going to be able to do this.

How does one position ones mouth? How does one breathe correctly? How does one produce the correct tone; my voice sounds to deep. And is it even possible to learn these things when you are 50 years old or is this something that only a child can do? Help!

If anybody reading this has any idea how on earth I am going to pronounce German correctly I’d be really interested to hear your comments.



1. sophyy - November 8, 2008

Hi there!

A really LATE comment, but I’ve been thinking about making a teaching blog (for german…well at least BASIC) since i’m currently in my last year of undergrad and would LOVE to continue learning german and someday obtain fluency. so i was looking through youtube and i found this video (it has pronounciation!)

For the ue, you would most likely want to watch around 4:31!

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